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We have been in business for 20 years. We are committed to quality service. We install and guarantee our sprinkler systems. We can also repair or remodel any name brand system, new or old.

Our services include landscaping, landscape lighting, sprinkler systems and repair, as well as yard drains and French drains.

We also offer emergency 24-hour services. All of our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee, as well as two-year warranty on new sprinkler installation. We offer both free inspections and estimates, so give us a call today and set up an appointment!

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An Oklahoma City Sprinkler Systems Protects Your Green

Caring for your lawn can involve hours of intense physical labor. The truth is it doesn’t all have to be that difficult. You can literally cross watering the lawn off you list of chores. A professionally installed automatic sprinkler system will mean one less step toward a beautiful lawn. Not only will it take less work to get a beautiful lawn or garden but you’ll be saving water while doing it. A properly installed sprinkler system will add just the right amount of water to your lawn and other green areas right when they need it.

Correctly installed sprinkler systems won’t leave you with unevenly watered areas, keeping your lawn uniform and consistently green. There are a number of do-it-yourself sprinkler systems available, but you need to understand the dynamics of how they work if you want any system to perform correctly. The water requirements for your lawn and other vegetation can vary. You can make certain your lawn and other plants look their best by having a dependable Oklahoma City sprinkler systems company install your sprinkler system for you.

The Oklahoma City sprinkler systems installation company you choose can have a lot to do with the success or failure of your lawn and garden. It’s important that the layout of your system supplies the right amount of water where needed. Sprinkler systems are made up of the sprinkler heads, pipes, and a number of connections all attached to a controller. It can take a certain degree of skill and sometimes requires special tools to install the system properly. It may be best to let a knowledgeable Oklahoma City sprinkler systems company do the work for you.

How to find a Qualified Oklahoma City Sprinkler Systems Installation Contractor

Choosing the right Oklahoma City sprinkler systems installation contractor might take some extra time but a professional installation could save a lot of money on water bills.

Probably one of the most traditional ways to find a Oklahoma City sprinkler systems installation contractor is by simply asking people you know. Friends, family and co-workers can all be great sources of information. They may know a dependable Oklahoma City sprinkler systems installation company. Check the yellow pages of your phone book. A lot of people still rely on the phone book when they want to search for a service or product.

Almost everyone would agree that the most reliable place to find information today is on the internet. This also includes locating a dependable Oklahoma City sprinkler systems installation contractor. Doing a search on the computer can give you way more information than any other source. By using the internet you’ll find a number of sprinkler systems companies as well as be able to do some background research.

Getting Bids for Your Oklahoma City Sprinkler Systems Installation

Having your short list in hand, it’s time to make a few calls and set up some appointments with each Oklahoma City sprinkler systems company. A representative will inspect your property, the types of grass and other plants as well as the soil condition. Your water supply and pressure will also be checked. You can then get a quote for the cost of the job.

You should take this time to ask the Oklahoma City sprinkler systems company if they have all their licenses and insurance up to date. It’s important that any contractor have property damage, liability and workmen’s compensation insurance. If you hire a contractor without insurance you could find yourself liable for an injured worker or unable to recover damages if something goes wrong with your project.

It’s also important to get references from every Oklahoma City sprinkler systems installation company. Any company that runs an above-board company shouldn’t hesitate to offer you references you can check. Don’t make any final decisions on hiring an Oklahoma City sprinkler systems company before you check references. Ask if their system is working properly. Did they run into any problems during the project or after it was completed? Were the installers careful about avoiding damage to the lawn, shrubbery or flower beds Foremost, are they satisfied with the system and would they ever work with the Oklahoma City sprinkler systems installation contractor again?

Which Oklahoma City Sprinkler Systems Installation Company is Right for You?

After you’ve checked licenses and insurance and references you should have a list of some of the best available Oklahoma City sprinkler systems contractors available and you can move on to compare estimates. All estimates should be based on the same work and installation of the same type of sprinkler systems. Your estimates should include a detailed explanation of the job and all the costs for work and materials. There should also be an estimated time for the job to be completed.

In this case the lowest bid may not be your best option. You need to get the best value for your budget. Choose an Oklahoma City sprinkler systems installation contractor that can put in your sprinkler system and not damage to your lawn or other plants. You need to know that the entire system is working correctly with no hidden leaks that could waste water. You don’t want end up having the whole thing done over. It’s possible that some bids may be higher than others but there may also be a difference in the quality if materials and labor.

A beautiful lawn and garden takes effort and money. If you do the work yourself you know how hard it can be. An automatic watering system can help you do away with least a portion of the work, and making sure your lawn and other vegetation gets water just when and where they need it. You won’t need to haul out the hose and wonder how much water is enough. A knowledgeable Oklahoma City sprinkler systems contractor can help you protect your hard earned green investment.
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